Ron Sanborn

American Rock Symposium (ARS) was created when Ron Sanborn,  Bernard Bowers  (a longtime friend, collaborator, and songwriter) and vocalist / songwriter Ginger Griffith put together a group of songs they had written and called the collection "American Rock Symposium" 
and the CD,   "Resume - Songs 1-12 & their major and minor characters."   
From that beginning it is now becoming the impetus to  "publish songs from a lifetime of creating  music".   
The music we've written (and continue to write) has meant a lot to us, so it's time to make it all available. 



New project in the making featuring Thomas Lang on drums, and Rob Brothers (Ambient Trash) on bass. 
Be looking out for that one!  




3 Rules  featuring Jason Rullo,  drummer for the internationally acclaimed progressive metal band  "Symphony  X"  and Artha Meadors on bass.

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 Download, Stream, or buy Cd's.  Music will be available soon.
"We are even going to have some merchandise available." 

Live recorded guitar tracks available. 
email:   to contact Ron about your project. 
Serious inquiries only.